Our Experience

With over 18 years' experience providing quality property management for Telluride homeowners, our homeowners are not just clients, they are friends.

We started with one home in 2006 and have grown since then, mainly through personal referrals from our homeowners.

Our Services

Keeping Your Home Safe:

We understand the importance of safeguarding your home from the elements and unwanted critters. Our experienced team will conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of your property. From sealing up holes in walls and foundations to changing weatherstripping around windows and doors, we take a proactive approach to preventing any potential issues.

In addition, our team will set mouse traps, manage bait stations, and perform hot tub maintenance. We will provide you with weekly reports, complete with pictures and suggestions, so you can make informed decisions even from afar.

Maintenance Services:

Our skilled maintenance team will handle all necessary duties to keep your home in excellent working condition. This includes changing HVAC filters, water filters, and canisters for humidifiers. We are also equipped to perform tasks such as greasing and lubing garage door tracks, clearing snow from decks, adjusting doors, changing light bulbs, tightening door handles, and replacing or sealing weatherstripping.

Whatever your home requires, our experienced handyman staff will handle it efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Service 24/7:

Rest assured; we are available round the clock for any emergencies that may arise. Whether it's a water leak in the middle of the night or any other unforeseen situation, our qualified team will be there promptly to address and resolve the issue.

Our Philosophy

At Basecamp Management, we believe in providing our homeowners with a proactive property management and personalized service that meets their unique needs.

Our mission is to ensure your home is exactly how you want it. We prioritize your preferences and will provide suggestions for improvements based on expertise and experience, always keeping your home and best interest at heart.

Your satisfaction is paramount to our success.


View of Telluride Ski Resort from Sunnyside home